Reach Farmers & Ranchers by Phone

If you want a telemarketing list of farmers and ranchers, US Farm Data can help. That’s because we have over 1 million farmers with in-depth information, including a phone number. Other information includes crop type, number of acres, livestock type, number of head, number of farms owned, and much more.

Our farm leads are ideal for helping your salespeople find new business. We can even suppress your customers and current prospects out of this database, and get you only the farm leads that you do not have, and have a high propensity to close. This way your salespeople don’t waste time chasing down bad leads or spend all their time researching leads. US Farm Data does it all for them. All they have to do is pick up the phone, call and start selling.

With over 2 million farmers and ranchers, and over 1 million of them with phones, there are other ways to “slice and dice” your list.


  • Need a list of corn, wheat and soybean growers in NE, KS and MO? No problem. Easy.
  • How about a list of fruits and vegetable growers in upper northwest? That’s easy too.
  • Maybe it’s tobacco growers in the Southeast with over 50 acres. We can do that as well.

Telemarketing to farmers is still a great way to grow your business. Call US Farm Data today and speak with one of our representatives Or complete the Contact Us form and someone will be in touch.

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US Farm Data is your best source for Farmers and Ranchers

The US Farm Data database is build for research, sales, and marketing. It doesn’t matter if you target small family farms or the biggest farms and ranches, you can find them all at US Farm Data. Start with a free search of our database or call us to find niche databases like acreages or horse farms.