We have a database of over 2.5 Million Farmers and Ranchers in the U.S. - complete with Crops, Acres and Livestock information. Information is ideal for direct mail, telemarketing, email, market research and much, much more. So if you're interested in growing your business, contact US Farm Data today. Click FREE SEARCH to DATABASE MARKETING.

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Strengthen your online presence by creating a strong website, adding content on a regular basis and bringing new buyers to you!

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US Farm Data has over 400,000 emails in its database. It's a great way to reach those farmers and ranchers who are "wired" for business. Many times, email is their main source of communication. We can append emails to your customer or prospect databases, or even include emails when you order a list from us. Over time, email can strengthen your relationship with your customers at a very inexpensive price.

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Want to connect with your customers and prospects on a whole other level? Think about creating an app for your company. It's a great way to get your customers and prospects more involved in you and your company. And know this: apps are not just for big companies. They are perfect for any size type company that wants connect to with their customers and prospects.

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> 2.5 Million Farmers & Ranchers
> Strengthen Your Online Presence
> Brings Buyers to you
> Grow by millions
> Search Our Database
> Update Your Website
> Good web infrastructure
> Company Profile App
> Crop Type, Acre Size, Livestock
> Increase Your Online Visibility
> Buyers calling you
> Introduce New Buyers
> Very High Accuracy Rates!
> Build Website Strategy
> Increase Your Sales
> Create Presence in market

US Farm™ exists for one reason, to help you reach your target market of Farmers and Ranchers.

With a database of over 2.5 Million Farmers and Ranchers, US Farm Data™ can get you the data you need to not just market to the farm community, but to pick and choose the best prospects for your business.

It doesn't matter if you target small Family Farms or larger Corporate Farm and Ranch ventures, you can reach them all with the National Farm File from GoLeads. Try a Free Search and see all of the available options you can use to get the best-targeted list of prospects available.


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> Your lists were perfect. They helped us with our client's tour, and we are thrilled to be in planning once more for a Spring program. When we are ready I am definitely coming back and buying.

Liz B.
Sr. Marketing Director

> My company purchased a mailing list of farm properties in the State of West Virginia and a few counties in Pennsylvania for a marketing campaign. The campaign has proven very successful. Thanks US Farm Data!

Jared S.
West Virginia

> Thank you, US Farm Data, for your help in this season's mailing! It was the best advertising that I have ever done!

Jeff M.
South Dakota

> I would highly recommend US Farm Data to anyone looking to contact farmers for research or other purposes. We had very specific needs and a very tight timeline and Shala and her team at US Farm Data were able to deliver across the board. I was very satisfied with the service received!

Geoff M.

> I have had great results from the mailings I have done. Shala has been amazing to work with. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and promptness with my orders has encouraged me to refer my colleagues and even other companies to US Farm Data.

Joe P.

> I'm very pleased with the leads that US Farm Data™ has provided Hi-Pro Mfg to date. I usually do mailings of 500 to 600 leads at a time and with that many leads I have only 2 or 3 returns. Also your service is prompt and professional. I really appreciate the way I can target market with you system. I look forward to our relationship in the future.

Tom T.

> I had researched three separate companies which provide lists of the farm data we were looking for. After perusing your website, it looked like US Farm Data would be the best to make contact with first. I called in and Brian was outstanding from the start. He listened well to my requests and produced the result I was looking for. Speed was important in our request and Brian handled it with ease. After my initial contact with Brian, I chose not to waste my time on any of the other vendors I had chosen.

Jim J.
Otwell, IN

> Growing our US Agriculture Division is a top priority for us at Ritchie Bros. With the help of US Farm Data™, we have been successful in increasing our market share by reaching out to new potential customers.

Breinn R.

> Great response times. Work hard to meet your needs. No pressure sales. Nice people. Good lists, too! Thanks for all you do for us!

Helen & Mary B.

> The leads are WONDERFUL! We have always done seminars based on a different lead list, and the people we are meeting this year are just incredible. We are very impressed and happy with it. Thank you so much!

Hannah T.

> We had a very successful mailing campaign for our latest trade show that brought in 26 responders to our booth from the mailing that we sent, which was over a 2.5% return. I was also very happy with the service that Brian provided.

Lance P. Schaller, IA

> My overall experience in working with US Farm Data was very positive and painless. Working with Greg was great. His input was invaluable, and a big factor in going with US Farm Data. I'll definitely be calling Greg for our next marketing campaign.

Mark J.
Healy, KS


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