Database of Alfalfa Farmers in the U.S.

Database of 168,432 Alfalfa Farmers in the U.S.

Alfalfa Farmers in the U.S.

Alfalfa farmer. Alfalfaproducer. Alfalfa Grower. Whatever term you use, there are over 168,000 of them, and one thing is for sure…that’s a lot of alfalfa being produced. And you will find most of the alfalfa farmers in the following states: WI, MN, IA, NE and KS.

As a marketer, the only thing that matters is that you reach the ones best suited to buy your product or service, and inspire as many as possible to be your customer. This database of alfalfa farmers is ideal for direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing, analytics, etc.

Plus, we can help you in your online marketing as well. We help our customers in their inbound marketing – getting alfalfa farmers to contact them. We create new content every month in the form of new web pages, landing pages, email campaigns, pay per click campaigns and more.

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