2 Million Farmers & Ranchers in the U.S.

Farmers & Ranchers in the U.S.

The USDA defines a farm as“any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the year.”So if you are producing and selling an agricultural product and made over $1000 in a 12 month period, then you are a farmer.

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Marketing to Farmers & Ranchers

Connect. Educate. Inspire.
Three words we take very seriously when working with our clients to create their marketing campaigns.

For instance:

At US Farm Data, we have had numerous clients who experience tremendous results in their traditional marketing efforts, such as direct mail and email marketing campaigns. Clients who let us manage their websites experience high ROI results due to our efforts in getting them high visibility inside the search engines.

No matter the platform, no matter the campaign, when it comes to reaching farmers and ranchers, US Farm Data can help.


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2 Million Farmers and Ranchers in the U.S.

Why is it so important?

Farmers and ranchers represent a huge opportunity for companies who want to reach them. Companies in verticals, such as Insurance, banking, energy, automotive, communication, and of course, agriculture.Farmers and ranchers are one of the few marketing databases that play in both the B2B AND the B2C world. The same buyer is buying for their farm or business operation as well as their personal property, such as home, auto, etc.

At US Farm Data we help businesses reach and communicate with farmers and ranchers. In our database, our customers have access to virtually every single farmer and rancher in the U.S. – complete with in-depth information on many of them, such as crop type, livestock, etc. When it comes to marketing to farmers, we work with our customers to accomplish three things: connect, educate and inspire. No matter the medium and no matter the platform, it’s important to take time to build a relationship with farmers and ranchers if you want them as a customer.


US Farm Data is your best source for Farmers and Ranchers

The US Farm Data database is build for research, sales, and marketing. It doesn’t matter if you target small family farms or the biggest farms and ranches, you can find them all at US Farm Data. Start with a free search of our database or call us to find niche databases like acreages or horse farms.