File Suppression

Remove Duplicate Records from Your In-House Customer Database.

3 Easy Steps


Starting with your database. Send us your database file.


We match your data and remove the names you already have from your new file.


At the end, you will receive a new file thats free of duplicate names.

What is File Suppression?

The idea behind file suppression is to ensure you do not order names that you already have in your internal database. We match up your internal file to the new file you are ordering and remove the names you already have from your new file. This helps to ensure you don’t pay for names you already have and keeps your in-house databases free of duplicate names.

Why is file suppression so important to you as a customer?

Depending upon the size of your internal database, it could save you a lot of money and keep your internal database clean of duplicates. The names you have are “suppressed” from your new list.

For instance:

A client may have an internal file of 100,00 names in their database. And if they want to order a new file, they may want to be sure they do not pay for any names they already have. So, they send us their internal customers and prospects to act as a suppression file. We match up this file against their new file and remove the records that match from the new file. Match rates between the files can range anywhere between 10 to 80% depending upon a number of variables. Unless you are ordering lists from the same company over and over, seldomly will you ever see a match rate of 100%.


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