How to Reach US Farmers and Ranchers

Search Our Database of 2 Million Farmers & Ranchers Throughout the U.S.

If you want to reach farmers and ranchers, then we have the perfect database for you. We have a database of virtually every farmer and rancher in the U.S. - over 2 million as a matter of fact - complete with in ­ depth information, such as farmer name, address, crop type, number of acres farmed, livestock type, number of head, number of farms owned, and much more!

Now, you may not need all 2 million, which we totally understand. That's why we have created a search utility to help you select the exact farmers and/or ranchers you want. Go ahead and give it a try. Start with your geography and letting the system know what area of the country you want the farmers to reside. Then if there is anymore information you want to select, such as Crop Type, Number of Acres - whatever you want

Example of some lists:

Need a list of corn, wheat and soybean growers in NE, KS and MO?
No problem. Easy. How about a list of fruits and vegetable growers in upper northwest? That’s easy too.
Maybe it’s tobacco growers in the Southeast with over 50 acres. We can do that as well.

We can handle just about any type of farmer list you need.

If it’s ag or rural database you need, we have it. This database, and the list you receive from us, is ideal for direct mail, telemarketing and market research. We can even provide you email addresses on some of these farmers. And if you need help in your marketing campaigns, be sure to talk to us about it. That’s because we can help you with design, content, print and deployment for your direct mail and email campaigns.

So go ahead and create all the counts you want with our FREE SEARCH capabilities. Once you know the list you want, call us, and we will work to ensure your campaign gives you the best Return on Investment (ROI) possible



Create the counts from US Farm Data's database
of 2 million farmers & ranchers throughout the U.S.


How to Reach US Farmers and Ranchers

Get to know more information about the US Farm, Farmers, Crop production, the percentage of farmers in your state, the count of large & medium farms in the US, the ranchers data of your county and much more



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