Optimizing Your Website


It’s True.

Optimizing Your Website Can Strengthen Your Bottom Line.

At US Farm Data, we are always amazed at the number of businesses we talk to who invest quite a bit of money on certain lead generation tactics, while at the same time, forgetting the one tactic that can do the most.

And that is – optimizing your website.

It’s true. When it comes to generating leads for your company, your website can be your most valuable and active asset when it comes to generating qualified leads. The problem is that most companies do not spend the time to enhance, fix, or even review their website. You should.

A lot of times, you don’t have to make wholesale changes to your website or build a new website. Sometimes it’s just simple changes to the back-end code of your main pages that can bring you up in the organic search engine listings - from page 10 to page 1. Simple back-end changes to your website can make profound, positive impact to your bottom line. It’s true.

Examples of back-end changes are:

1. Website Audit – audit your website and correct the simple errors, such as “404 Not Found” pages. Perform usability checks on various devices along with checking speed of your website.

2. Meta Titles – write simple and specific titles that match the content on your page. Focus on 1-2 keywords.

3. Meta Descriptions – provide description of each page using those 1-2 keywords.

4. H Tags & Image Optimization – have headings and subheadings for each piece of content and tag everything correctly – <h1> or <h2> and use right alt text file names for your images.

5. XML Sitemap – create XML sitemap with all of the URLs of your website and submit them in Webmaster Search Console.



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Optimizing Your Website

Please know, hiring an outside lead generation company, or an in-house team is a great idea if you can afford it. But while you’re spending money, you may want to review your website, and see if it can do more for you.

At US Farm Data we do this for many of our clients, and we get the website working by generating qualified leads for you and your salespeople. Sometimes the website generates more leads than the callers.

it’s true

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