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Outreach is when you take the initiative to contact the prospect. Examples include:

Direct Mail - US FARM DATA Free Search

Direct Mail

Implement a direct mail campaign. We can handle the entire project for you.

Telemarketing - US FARM DATA Free Search


Many of our records come with a phone number. Ideal for telemarketing.

Mail - US FARM DATA Free Search


Some records even come with an email address! Call us for a count.

Inbound is when you encourage the customer to contact you for more information. Examples include:

Website - US FARM DATA Free Search


Make sure your website is active and helping you generate qualified leads.

Website Visibility - US FARM DATA Free Search

Website Visibility

Get qualified prospects to come to you. We can help make your site visible.

Retargeting - US FARM DATA Free Search


Keep in touch with those prospects who land on your website.

Data management is collecting and enhancing the data that comes from your sales and marketing efforts. Examples include:

Market Analysis - US FARM DATA Free Search

Market Analysis

Enrich your data using our database to help you make better marketing decisions.

Suppressions - US FARM DATA Free Search


We can suppress your customers and prospects from this list.

Append - US FARM DATA Free Search


We can append farm information to your in-house data.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you a list of producers who match the criteria you want. Information includes producer name, address, crop type, number of acres, livestock, number of head, and much more. If you have an in-house database, we can enhance it with our information and identify new unique leads. For more information call 402-337-4050.
Depends upon the volume of names you want. The higher the volume, the lower the price per name. Call us at 402-337-4050 and speak with one our account representatives to get a quote.
We use a variety of public sources as well as self-reported information to produce the most comprehensive and accurate farm and ranch file. The database is updated on a regular basis.
The quality of our products and services are guaranteed. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us and we’ll do our best to make you happy.
Yes. We have a team of consultants that work in multiple industries, and are knowledgeable of a wide variety of marketing products and resources. Call us at 402-337-4050 to speak with one our representatives.

Dairy Farmers
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Reviews - US FARM DATA Free SearchReviews

Reviews - US FARM DATA Free Search

"My company purchased a mailing list of farm properties in the State of West Virginia and a few counties in Pennsylvania for a marketing campaign. The campaign has proven very successful. Thanks US Farm Data!" - Jared S.

"I'm very pleased with the leads that US Farm Data has provided Hi-Pro Mfg to date. I usually do mailings of 500 to 600 leads at a time and with that many leads I have only 2 or 3 returns. Also your service is prompt and professional. I really appreciate the way I can target market with you system. I look forward to our relationship in the future." - Tom T.

"My overall experience in working with US Farm Data was very positive and painless. Working with Greg was great. His input was invaluable, and a big factor in going with US Farm Data. I'll definitely be calling Greg for our next marketing campaign." - Mark J.

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